Strangelet Studio join forces with Sygnisoft SA

Strangelet Studio and the technology company Sygnisoft SA have established a strategic partnership. We are convinced that this cooperation will allow us to obtain innovative projects and increase the scale of our business.

Strategic cooperation with Sygnisoft SA will be of key importance for us for several reasons. Thanks to the partnership, we have access to extensive knowledge in the field of new technologies. This will help our company in the development and acquisition of innovative projects. In addition, the reputation and recognition of Sygnisoft SA can help increase the scale of our business.

Sygnisoft became interested in partnership with us because it focuses on dynamic development. „We believe that close cooperation with Strangelet Studio will help us offer more comprehensive solutions for the gaming industry and in the implementation of consumer programs. IT projects for the entertainment sector today account for about 30% of Sygnisoft’s revenues, I am convinced that the new services will further strengthen our company’s position in this area” – emphasizes Tomasz Szymański, CEO of Sygnisoft.